Chococat Plushie Tutorial

Aaaaaaaaaah....*heaves a sigh of relief* I finally completed 2 new tutorials for you. One is for basic stitching to complete your felt projects and the other is of Sanrio's Choco Cat plushie tutorial! Yay I hope you guys love them. I've adopted Choco Cat and he currently lives along with my set of house keys...hehe...

You can watch the two new videos by clicking my YouTube button on the lower bar below or visit my channel.

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Chococat Plushie Template


  1. Hi everyone! received some feedback that the old chococat template was a little too vague, so I updated with a new one! ENJOY! Love aiko

  2. Hi Aiko, I'm trying to learn how to do plushie, and I got a printing problem. Is it your template is big as A4 paper size ? Or I did something wrong with it ? Hope you will reply me soon. I love all of your plushie. Thanks for teaching me !!!