Christmas DIY : Felt Christmas Stockings

Christmas cheer is here!!! Don't you just love Christmas? I do! It is my favorite holiday of the year with all the carols, decorations and best of all presents! So today's tutorial is present related...well...sort of...I decided to make a Christmas Stocking and it is a great DIY project that will keep you and your family busy all day long :D You can make so many different versions of stockings or even change it up and cut the smaller template and turn it into a tree ornament...:) Which would be your favorite? Christmas stockings to stuff your presents in them? Or tree decorations? hmmm decisions decisions :D HAVE FUN!
Stocking template
Note : You might want to blow up the template for a big copy or scale it down for the can even use the size given here as an ornament because it's a medium size..It really depends on how big your Christmas tree is :D   


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