Hello Kitty Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich Plushie Tutorial

We decided to do a kawaii and fun weekend collaboration today. And our theme was a bakery/dessert theme. So me and my five close YouTube-r friends came up with our own interesting ideas and this was mine :). Initially, I wanted to make like a cake or bun or something along the lines of that, but then I thought, hey why not make something different which we do find in bakeries and its summer and woop woop who doesnt love Hello Kitty and there you go! Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches...mmm just the thought of that got me drooling. Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. And yep! Happy sewing peeps!
Hello Kitty Waffle Template


  1. Really Cute! you wouldn't allow these to be for profit purposes right? (what i mean is that people make it and put it on their etsy etc.)

  2. what color did you use for the waffle, Aiko?

  3. this is so cute im a big hello kitty fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1