Nyan Cat Pop Tart Plushie Tutorial

Hiya all!! Before I start rambling, thank you everyone for coming and supporting me on my new Facebook Page! Means a bunch! I've got about 63 likes now which is pretty cool. Far cry from my last page but I guess it will do for now with all of you lovelies! So today we will be making a Nyan Cat Pop Tart plushie and i thought it turned out pretty cute.

 Template isn't up yet because I will have to wait for your responses to see if you want a big or small version :) So yeap don't forget to let me know or you could just comment here on my blog as well. Hope you enjoyed this!! I know I did. The blanket stitching can get a bit tricky when you come to the legs and tail, just do your stitches over them and pull them tighter than you would normally do and they would be fine and taut.
I thought they looked quite alike yes? :D HUGS..till my next tutorial ^_^
Nyan Cat Template
  Note : most of you asked for the smaller template so here it is! <3

Edit : 5/06/12
I will be attaching a big template too because some of you requested for it soo nyaaaa >.<
Big template for Nyan Cat


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